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Italian Military Representative to the NATO and EU Military Committees


Italian Military Representative to the NATO and EU Military Committees



Lieutenant General Roberto Nordio

Lieutenant General Nordio was born on 16 March 1958 in Chioggia, (Venice) Italy. He began his Air Force career in 1976 as a cadet at the Italian Air Force Academy. Following his graduation he was assigned to Vance Air Force Base (USA) where he completed undergraduate pilot training. LGen. Nordio is a career pilot with over 2,700 hours in various aircraft. Among the courses he attended are the Weapons and Tactics Instructor course, and the Joint Forces Staff College.

In February 1982 he was assigned to 2nd Wing at Treviso Air Base, flying the Fiat G 91/R. In October 1985 he transferred to the 6th Wing at Ghedi Air Base, this time flying the PANAVIA Tornado. In March 1989 he was assigned, as an exchange pilot, to the 31st Wing at Noervenich with the German Air Force.

In August of 1991 he returned to Italy and was assigned to the 6th Wing where he rose to command the 154th Fighter Bomber Squadron in October 1992.

After being promoted to the rank of Colonel, he was assigned to the Operational Division of the Italian Air Staff, Rome.

In July 1999 he assumed command of the 6th Wing, Ghedi (Brescia).

In September 2001 he was assigned to the NATO Combined Air Operations Centre Five, Poggio Renatico (Ferrara), as Deputy Director of Operations.

In September 2004 he was assigned to the Logistic Department of the Air Force Staff initially as Chief of Aerospace Programs development. After his promotion to Brigadier General, he became the Deputy Chief of the Logistic Department.

From September 2007 to July 2009, he was the JSF Program Manager for the National Armament Directorate, MoD-IT.

In July 2009, he became Chief of the Logistic Department of the Air Staff. In this position he oversaw policy for the procurement and maintenance of air systems, equipment, armaments, infrastructure and services until July 2011.

In July 2011, LGen. Nordio was the Combat Forces Commander. He was responsible for the combat readiness of Fighter and Fighter Bomber Wings across the Italian Air Force.

From July 2013 to September 2015, LGen. Nordio was awarded to Poggio Renatico as “Dual Hatted”. In particular, he was the Commander of the Italian Air Force Operational Command (COA), responsible for conducting air operations, executing air missions, and employing allocated assets in national, multinational, and international environments - and Commander of the NATO Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) - an AIRCOM's unit of choice for expeditionary combat operations and premier Training Center.

From June 2015 to March 2016 he was also appointed as Deputy Commander of the Italian Joint Operations Headquarters.

From 30th March 2016 to 7 November 2018 he has been Deputy Chief of the Italian Defence Staff.


Career profile

· Second Lieutenant 02.10.1978;

· Lieutenant 02.04.1980;

· Captain 02.04.1982;

· Major 01.01.1988;

· Lieutenant Col. 01.01.1990;

· Colonel 31.12.1996;

· Brigadier General 01.07.2006;

· Major General 11.06.2012;

· Lieutenant General 28.02.2015.


Military awards and decorations

· Gold Cross for duty seniority;

· Gold Medal for long air navigation;

· Medal “Mauriziana” for merit for long military duty service;

· Knight Commander of the Order for Merit of the Republic of Italy;

· Gold Medal for long assignments in Active Commanding positions

· NATO Medal for Kosovo Operations;

· NATO Medal for ex-Jugoslavia Operations ;

· Memorial Cross for Peacekeeping Operations in Kosovo;

· NATO Medal for Operation “Unified Protector”.


Ecucation and training

· Air Force Academy (IT)

· Air Command and Staff College (IT)

· Air War College (IT)

· Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences

· Weapons Instructor


Foreign language

· English

· German