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EU-USA: Minister Frattini, a new transatlantic strategy for the 21st century challenges



EU-USA: Minister Frattini, a new transatlantic strategy for the 21st century challenges

13 October 2009 --- 60 years after Roosevelt’s pact with Churchill the priorities are other: the fight against terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation and human rights. A new Atlantic Charter that addresses what have become “our priorities” over the years, such as terrorism and non-proliferation, is the proposal launched by Minister Frattini at the round table “New Trans-Atlantic Relations 2009”, arranged by the foreign ministry and the Magna Carta Foundation.. “Europe and the United States”, the minister stated, “even more in the complex world of the 21st century, must find reasons for solidarity and compactness. I am thinking of a new Atlantic Charter, like the one signed by Roosevelt and Churchill 70 years ago. The 1941 Charter’s 8 points leave out “many of those that have become our top priorities” such as “the common struggle against terrorism, non-proliferation and the defence of human rights”. Objectives “important to us”, that “should be the central points of the new Atlantic Charter”. In this new framework, however, the Minister warned, “Europe needs to take more responsibility for impacting on major global issues”. In the new era of multilateralism inaugurated by President Obama, Europe is considered an “equal partner” of the United States, but precisely for that reason Brussels must become a “producer and no longer a consumer of security”. “If we are divided internally, if the EU is unable to be an interlocutor on the international scenario, we cannot complain that the transpacific axis is becoming its main interlocutor”, replacing “ the traditional transatlantic axis”. The red line that linked the L’Aquila G8 to the Pittsburgh G20 showed how the “transpacific axis can no longer be considered antagonistic to the transatlantic” and, indeed, that the US-China relationship “is helping to strengthen global governance, not to weaken it”.

New Transatlantic Relations 2009 – Round Table - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rome, 8th-9th October)