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NATO summits represent important junctures in NATO’s decision-making process. They are often held at key moments in the Alliance’s evolution and are used, for instance, to introduce new policy, invite new members into the Alliance, launch major initiatives and reinforce partnerships. They are meetings of the North Atlantic Council at its highest level possible – that of Heads of State and Government.

Since 1949, there have been 28 NATO Summits. The last one took place in Brussels (Belgium), on June 14th 2021.

For further information, check the Summit page on NATO's official website.

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NATO Summit in Brussels (Belgium), 14 June 2021

NATO Leaders' Meeting in London (UK), 3-4 December 2019

NATO Summit in Brussels (Belgium), 11-12 July 2018

Brussels Meeting (Belgium), 25 May 2017

Warsaw Summit (Poland), 8-9 July 2016

Newport Summit (Wales), 4-5 September 2014

Chicago Summit (USA), 20-21 May 2012

Lisbon Summit (Portugal), 19-20 November 2010

Strasburg (France) and Kehl (Germany) Summit, 3-4 April 2009

Bucharest Summit (Romania), 2-4 April 2008

Riga Summit (Latvia), 28-29 November 2006

Brussels Summit (Belgium), 22 February 2005

Istanbul Summit (Turkey), 28-29 June 2004

Prague Summit (Czech Republic), 21-22 November 2002

NATO-Russia Summit in Rome (Italy), 28 May 2002

NAC Special Meeting with participation of Heads of State and Government in Brussels (Belgium), 13 June 2001

Washington D.C. Summit (The United States), 23-25 April 1999